Rogue 60″ Axle

,, $ 2,381.00



  • Peso: 20Lb
  • Hecho en EUA
  • Diametro: 1.9″
  • Terminado en pintura de Polvo Negra Rogue Signature para mejorar el agarre.
  • Tubo de construcción 1.5” sch. 80
  • Distancia Total: 5′ (La Rogue Axle Regular es 7′)
  • Longitud de carga en manga: 8”
  • Distancia entre seguros: 43″

Rogue Echo Plastic Rins – Set

,,, $ 1,540.00


  • Hecho de plástico resistente a la intemperie
  • Diámetro estándar de 1.25 «
  • Incluye las correas de anillo estándar de 16 ‘de Rogue (negro)
  • Color del anillo: negro

Rogue HG 2.0 Axle Collar

,, $ 1,074.00


  • ONLY compatible with 1.9″ (48.3MM) diameter Specialty Bars and Reverse Hypers
  • HG 2.0 Collars with lock-in design
  • Color: Red with Rogue branding
  • Sold in Pairs. Available in 5-pack (10 collars), 10-pack (20 collars), or 20-pack (40 collars)

Rogue Infinity Matador

,,, $ 2,103.00


Compatible with Rogue’s 2×3″ Infinity uprights

The Rogue Infinity Matador gives gym owners the versatility of a secure, fully adjustable dip station—compatible with Rogue S2 and S3 Squat Stands, R-3, R-4, and R-6 Racks, and all Infinity Rigs and Wallmount systems.

The Matador is manufactured in the USA from 2 x 3″ 7 Gauge Steel Steel, and features welded joints and a lock-in anchoring system to maintain max stability throughout a workout. The two comfort-grip handles measure 1.875” in diameter and are set at an angle to allow a greater variety of grip width options.

Because it’s easy to both install and stow away, the 26LB Matador is an extremely useful add-on for small garage gyms and larger training facilities, alike. Multiple athletes can quickly mount the Matador at their own preferred height, creating a customized dipping station for developing greater gymnastic strength and endurance.

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