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Portabarras para 3 piezas



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Rogue’s 3 Bar Gun Rack mounts easily to any solid wall (concrete, cinder block, wood, etc), offering a simple solution for barbell storage and protection. A compact, half-size version of our V2 Gun Rack, this horizontal bar holder is built in the USA using precision-cut, 7-gauge steel brackets. The rack’s unique rung design allows it to safely support either the sleeve or shaft of any standard barbell. Optional UHMW plastic liners can also be added to further protect the knurling of your bars from scuffing and other damage.

The 3 Bar Gun Rack is available to order as a single unit with a 3-bar storage capacity. Any order that includes plastic inserts will also include the required hardware for joining the inserts to the rack. Wall-mounting hardware for the rack itself, however, is not included.

IMPORTANT: In order to better protect the finish and steel of your barbell, the width of the brackets should be set to catch the shaft only when plastic is in use. Without plastic, we recommend setting the brackets wide enough to hold the sleeves.


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