Rogue Universal Storage System 2.0 (3 niveles)

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UNIVERSAL STORAGE SYSTEM 2.0 (disponible de 3 niveles)

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Combinaciones de la estantería:

DB = Dumbbell

KB = Kettlebell

MB = Medball



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Rogue’s fully redesigned Universal Storage System 2.0 lets you create a dynamic kettlebell / dumbbell / medball rack customized to your gym’s needs. Using the dropdown menu, you can select your preferred storage rack height (2-tier or 3-tier) and the type of shelf for each tier (flat tray for kettlebells or angled for dumbbells). Like the original Universal Storage System, the 14” depth of the flat tray offers the benefit of being able to stack kettlebells 2x deep for maximum space efficiency. Caster wheels and rubber feet also come standard for convenient portability + stability and floor protection.

One of the key updates with Version 2.0 of the Universal Storage System is the expansion of the overall shelf length to 70”—enough to store (16) 70LB kettlebells stacked two-deep. The unit is also beefed up in construction with 2×3″ and 3×3″ 11-Gauge Steel Uprights, 0.1875″ Laser Cut Shelves. Each shelf features a channel welded underneath to provide additional support. The shelf brackets utilize 0.625″ hardware while the shelves bolt to the brackets using 0.5″ hardware


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